Depression Test: How depressed are you?

by Elia Strange

For this test you will need a pen and paper.
Write down your answers.

Choose one answer from those below:

a) Most of the time,

b) quite often,

c) average,

d) sometimes/rarely,

e) hardly ever/never

'Depression Test' Questions:

1. On the average day, do you feel ‘low’ most of the time?

2. When it’s time to eat, do you feel hungry?

3. Do you feel happy at all?

4. Do you feel you cannot stop snacking?

5. Do you find that your self-esteem low?

6. Do you believe in yourself?

7. Do you have feelings of hopelessness most the time?

8. Do you feel that your low mood significantly interfere with your daily functioning?

9. Do you feel refreshed after a night of sleep?

10. Do you have suicidal thoughts time to time?

11. Do you find it is difficult to focus on most tasks?

12. Is your social life adequate for you?

13. Do you enjoy life in general?

14. Do you have fatigue most of the time?

'Depression Test' Scoring:

For the statements: 1, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14


5 for ‘Most of the time’,

4 – for ‘Quite often’,

3 – for ‘Average’,

2 – for ‘Sometimes/rarely’,

1 – for ‘Hardly ever/never’

For the statements: 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13


1 for ‘Most of the time’,

2 – for ‘Quite often’,

3 – for ‘Average’,

4 – for ‘Sometimes/rarely’,

5 – for ‘Hardly ever/never’

'Depression Test' RESULTS:

14- 32 Low score. Your score indicates that you do not suffer from depression. When you feel ‘low’, it is a normal feeling that we all experience time to time.

May be you reacted to something that happened that day or that week, and that event triggered thoughts and memories about your past.
It is easy to feel ‘depressed’ when life is not following your plan.

However, if you feel worse day by day, for example, you started loosing interest in pleasurable activities, experience sleep problems, and cannot control your eating or on the contrary you lost your appetite, give it a time.

If the way you feel does not improve after 2 weeks, you can go and see your doctor for a chat and advice.

33-52 Medium score. This score indicates that you might be suffering from depression.

There are 2 types of depression: dysthymic disorder and major depressive disorder.
If you feel that you are depressed for at least 2 years (most days), suffer from low self-esteem, poor appetite (or snacking too much), and having sleep problems, you might be diagnosed with dyshymic disorder.

This disorder is chronic, and on average, it lasts for about 5 years, but can persist for 20 years or more. Don’t be alarmed though, as it is only statistics, and your doctor can help you with advice and medication if it is needed.

Major depressive disorder occurs when something happened in your life (e.g. bereavement of a close person) and this event triggered your depression.

If you feeling low for at least 2 consecutive weeks, and have problems with sleep and/or regular eating, then you might suffer from major depressive disorder.

Often this may pass even when you are not doing anything particular about it. However, if your doctor can refer you to a counsellor, this may shorten or even stop your depressive episodes.

53-70 High score. It seems that you are suffering from depression, which can be diagnosed by your doctor.

If the way you feel is connected to some negative event in your life, then depression may be only a temporary episode, lasting from several weeks to a couple of months.

If this is the case, then you could benefit from being referred to a counsellor or psychotherapist for a few sessions.
However, if your depression is making you: feel guilty, loosing appetite and weight, gaining appetite and weight, being extremely sensitive to what others say about you, having delusions or even hallucinations, then you are probably suffering from major depressive episode.

If you haven’t visited your doctor yet, then may be it is the time to go. With the appropriate treatment – psychological and/or medication, you can deal with depression quicker and more effectively than if you are doing it on your own.

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