Stress Affects Your Sleep

Do you know that our sleep problems can be related to stress?

If you sleep too little or too much, and you never seem to wake up refreshed, you might be suffering from a sleep disorder, which is often caused by chronic stress.

Have a look at the articles below and learn about stress and your sleep.

by Elia Strange

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STRESS and your SLEEP Articles:

Stress and sleep 

Why am I sleeping too much

What are our dreams

Do I have a sleep disorder

What happens to my health when I don't sleep enough 

How to get a good night sleep (professional recommendations)

Sexual dreams and your sleeping position

Are memory foam mattresses worth it?

Is an eye mask good for sleeping?

Some of us sleep too little and others sleep too much. And nearly half of us complain that we have 'sleep problems'.

I could also say that most of us have stressful lives and this is what's causing most of our sleep problems.

How do we usually cope with stress? By 'pushing ourselves even harder', by stimulating our brains with TV and Internet particularly before our bedtime, by eating 'junk' food, and so on...

So what to do?
How can you improve your sleep and reduce your stress levels?

I've written many articles about stress, sleep, diet and so on here for you to read. Start with articles on stress, for example: Signs and Stages of Stress, or How to reduce stress. Then continue with the articles that interest you (choose the articles from the archives). 

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