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by Elia Strange

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Our Life is a Game

One Russian TV game show always starts with a little song (before each tournament): "What's our life? It's a game!"

Our life indeed, is often a game. Only for some people it's mostly fun, but for others it can be very stressful. I know that some people would say: "I didn't choose this game! There are no rules here!" And they will be right.

In a sense that this game of life can be very difficult, full of stressful events and challenging situations.

The way we see our life is different for each of us. But anyone, absolutely anyone, could benefit from learning some of these rules of life.

Whether it is about learning to recognise your own body's signals when you get stressed and how to respond to them quickly, or whether it is about recognising when your thinking becomes 'irrational' or 'unproductive'.

Or maybe it's about learning more about your own personality, intellectual capability and strength. So then it is about using this knowledge to improve your life, health, happiness, and so on.

In any case, you've come to the right place. My intention of building this website was (and still is) to give you some interesting information on many aspects of our (stressful) lives: your relationships, health, and well-being. Here you can learn not only about coping with stress, but how to 'repair' other aspects of your life when it is needed.

As I've mentioned already on this website, I like to research and read on a variety of topics within the science of human psychology (and health). This section of the website "Your Life" includes lots of interesting, but may be not so related to the 'coping with stress' topics. Sorry, I can't help it! :)

Some days I get up and find myself wondering about a particular topic, for example: "Why do we fall in love?" or "Why pregnant women suffer from morning sickness?" Then of course, I want to see what I can find about this topic. Most of the time, I would be researching using Psychology books, books on Self-Development, research articles and other Academic literature (which at times are not at all easy to read!).

So, if I can combine the aim of this website (e.g. 'coping with stress') with my own curiosity (i.e. various interesting topics), then who would complain? Well, you might... If you want to only read about 'Coping with Stress'.

But I hope you will find my other articles interesting too. If you don't, or if you do, or if you want me to research some other interesting things about our human life, behaviour, and psychology, please let me know (elia@stress-explained.com). I'll research them and write them here for all of us to read, learn and enjoy :)

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