How well do you know yourself?

Some people have the gift of insight and others simply don’t. Many of us are acutely aware of our own strengths and weaknesses, recognising the same traits in others, while there are those who are full of foolish notions about who they are and what they believe.

by Elia Strange


This test is designed to help you to discover which of these groups you really belong to. Do you know your own mind and how to use it? Now is the time to find out.

(Taken from ‘Me, Myself, & I’ by Allen, R.)


For this test you will need a pen and paper. Write down your answers or print this page out and put your answers next to the questions below.

'How well do you know yourself' Test start:

1. It has been said that everyone has one perfect partner who they must search for in order to find true love. What do you think?

A. There is no such thing as ‘the one’. It depends on time, circumstances, age, and any number of factors. You take what you can at the time.

B. The true love of my life may exist, but there may well be others, too. There are any number of examples of people who have learned to love again after bad relationships.

C. Everyone has a chosen mate that they must find in order to experience true happiness, anything else is just a compromise that will leave you unfulfilled.

2. You invite friends over, they throw their jackets on the nearest chair and don’t use coasters! How do you react to this?

A. Tell them that your coffee table is an antique and insist they use the coasters. You take the coats and hang them up yourself.

B. Blame your partner for insisting on coasters and try to show that you are far more relaxed and easy going. Leave the jackets where they are, they aren’t going to leave a mess even if they do look untidy.

C. What’s a coaster? And if all that’s lying around the room are those jackets then that’s a definite improvement on the way it looked yesterday!

3. Do you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

A. Definitely, breakfast sets you up for the day ahead, and ensures you are at your best. You can’t have productive day without it.

B. You know that breakfast is important and in your heart you want to make sure you have a proper meal in the morning every day, but more often than not you run of the house ten minutes late clutching a cereal bar.

C. You never worry about breakfast. You had some Pop Tarts at 2 pm once, but breakfast isn’t something you will ever make a habit of.

4. You live in the city and are invited to the country by your friend. Your friend asks if you’d like to go for a walk through muddy fields wearing galoshes, do you accept?

A. You are horrified at the thought of anything touching your Armani suit and instead stay behind to read the business section of the newspaper.

B. You are not overly keen on the idea of walking through muddy fields, but rather than offend your friend decide to go anyway.

C. You go to the countryside to get away from the city and really enjoy the whole experience. You’ve not done much walking in the countryside but getting muddy sounds like fun.

5. You are invited to a meal at a Japanese restaurant. Much to your surprise your fellow guests all request chopsticks instead of knives and forks, do you follow their lead?

A. Yes of course, a different society requires different culinary skills. You have used chopsticks before and are happy to join in.

B. Despite your lack of skills using chopsticks, you think that failure to do so is rude and attempt to struggle anyway.

C. You have no problem with your inability to use chopsticks, and are quite happy to request normal cutlery, regardless of what the other guests may think of you.

6. When you start seeing a new boyfriend/girlfriend, you view them as:

A. A never ending challenge of improvements and alterations to mold them into your ideal.

B. A generally suitable person for you, but with some problems and annoying habits that could eventually cause you to break up.

C. A good choice for the time being, you aren’t thinking long term and for now you’re happy enough.

7. The meaning of life is?

A. To get a good education, find a high paying job, move to the ‘burbs, start a family, and hold regular barbecues’

B. To try and do as above, but have some fun along the way, not try too hard, and put having a good time before success in employment.

C. Just to be happy.

8. You are organising a school barbecue together with another family. Unfortunately you have contrasting ideas on the theme of the barbeque. How do you go about getting your own way?

A. You don’t need to convince the other family of anything. Just take no notice of their ideas and continue to make decorations of your own.

B. Try to compromise with the other family, discuss ideas and if your plan is actually better, then it might be chosen anyway, and you remain open to what the other family suggests.

C. Let them have their stupid barbecue, you didn’t care that much anyway.

9. A branch from a tree in your garden overhangs onto your neighbour’s property and instead of requesting it be trimmed, the neighbour has hacked off all the branches hanging into his space. The tree now looks ridiculous. Do you:

A. Take your saw and go and hack apart some of the greenery in their garden – and eye-for-an-eye, it’s only fair.

B. Go next door and tell him that his actions were completely over the top and that he’d actually asked you, you would be happy to have trimmed the tree. You realise that technically you were wrong, and he had the right to take this action, but that the situation could have been handled better.

C. Realise that you’re not too bothered, you don’t venture to the garden much anyway, and because you ran over their child’s new bike the week before, it was probably deserved.

10. The best description of the state of mind of your basement or attic is:

A. A perfectly ordered and, where necessary, chronological storage area of past items that, although no longer needed in the house, are still easily recoverable.

B. As above, but although started with good intentions regularly gets to the point where are major clear up is required to sort it all out.

C. A dumping ground for unwanted rubbish that has no order whatsoever. It may quite possibly be guarded by a three headed dragon for all you know.

'How well do you know yourself' Test Answers:

Mostly A’s

You are very logical, very practical, and very effective and not at all afraid to admit this. This trait of character is something that is hard to change, and a good organiser is always useful to any partner, or set of friends. However you do show some signs of snobbery and a reliance on social values that may well see you excluded and isolated if you don’t tone down.

Mostly B’s

You don’t seem to know your own mind, perhaps something along the lines of an A, with some C traits added. While we all have situations where we become lazy and unorganised you might do well to find more definition in your life. If you don’t want to use chopsticks, then don’t use them! If you don’t want your friends putting water marks on the table, then don’t let them!

Mostly C’s

Credit must be given to you for being strong, and content enough to freely admit your various failings in organisation, but this seems to border on cowardice once too often. If you’ve worked hard on a suggestion for a barbecue then why give in, your idea might be far better. You need to stop taking the easy route out all of the time and be more confident about your choices.

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