Stress and Your Relationships
with Others

Welcome to the 'Stress and Relationships' page!

First of all, I have to apologise to you for something. The thing is I like to research and write on a variety of topics.

I find it difficult to focus only on 'Stress' and 'Coping with your Stress'. And this is why, on this website, you will find a great variety of articles related to your relationships. See them below.

by Elia Strange


Your RELATIONSHIPS with others Articles:


How do we choose our partners and friends

Why do we find some people attractive

Why do I "always" need to be in a relationship (to be happy)

Why am I lonely

What is Social Rejection

Why do we fall in love

Interesting facts about marriage

Why am I jealous?

How to make people like you?

10 tips to strengthen your marriage

These articles are not all about stress and coping. They are also about life, relationships, happiness, and other interesting things.

If you are as interested in human psychology as I am, you know how hard it would be to read only one topic. So there...

Well, in reality I do hope that you would want to read a variety of topics as well. There are more articles coming, including those on 'Relationships and Coping with Stress' :)

And another thing I want to say is - if you are interested in finding out about some particular issue or a problem (particularly in regards to 'stress' and 'coping with stress'), then let me know (go to 'About Author' page and contact me from there). I will research the topic for you (and get the interesting stuff from academic journals and books) and write it here in plain English for all of us to read ...

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