How to get what you want (otherwise known as the Law of Attraction)

Almost everyone would like to have more possessions, more money, travel more and have more new stuff.

We are human beings after all, but often we get disappointed that we didn’t get what we wanted, or we didn’t get it sooner.

by Elia Strange

But do you know that there is a way that you can have anything you want? Anything that you really-really wish for can be obtained without turning to a life of crime. It’s true.

But, there is a big difference between having anything you want and everything you want in life.

First of all, why can't you have everything you want?

Simply because:

1) You can't be in two places at the same time,

2) There are only 24 hours each day,

3) Unfortunately you have only so many years to live.

So how can you have anything you want?

Try to answer these two questions:

1) Can anyone have “the thing” that you want?

2) Is it available?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then, this means that you too, can have it.

Don't get caught up in the “what’s possible" vs "what’s impossible".

If the financial side of your life is not that rosy and you want to have a million dollars tucked away in your bank account, then you might think, "that's impossible".

But this is not true as many of today’s millionaires started with no or little money and became rich.

Start thinking in terms of "is it workable or unworkable". For example, to be the first man on the Moon would be unworkable, because there was a man already on the Moon some while ago. But if you wanted to be a "first woman" on the Moon, this might be workable, if you'll give enough time and consideration to this venture.

So, if you'll keep in mind that you can't have everything, but you can have anything you want, then follow these 10 steps ( from the book "You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought") and get what you desire!

Your action guide to getting what you want:

1) Focus all your attention on what you want. Be interested in. Be obsessed by it.

2) Visualise and imagine yourself doing or having whatever you desire.

3) Be enthusiastic about getting and having it.

4) Know exactly what you want. Write down a detailed description. Draw pictures. Make models.

5) Desire it above all else. Above everything else. Above all.

6) Have faith with involvement. Know you can have it, that it's already yours. Be involved with whatever you need to do to get it. 

7) Do the work required. How do you know how much work is required? When you have it, then that was enough. Until you've got it, it's not enough.

8) Give up all things opposing your goal.

9) Pretend you already have it.

10) Be thankful for what you already have.

If you truly devote your time and energy, following these 10 commandments, the power of having anything you want will be on your side. It might take months and even years, but it is possible and doable.


Personally, I have had many instances where I got what I wanted. For example, I got many cosmetic and household items (usually as freebies or at a very discounted price) after I thought about them for a while.

Several years ago, I started dreaming about a house that I would like to live in. I visualised the garden and the balcony, the countryside, and the cheaper rent. After about 5 years, my dream came true. The house is exactly as I wanted with a garden and balcony and it's rented from a governmental body, which means that it is cheaper than a privately rented accommodation.


I also taught to 'think big' my parents, who after visualising themselves in a luxury new car for a couple of years they became proud owners of that car. My dad also confessed that he also had dreamed about living in Moscow when he was a child. He used to live in a small town in Kazakhstan where even the thought of relocating to somewhere like Moscow felt impossible. It’s too far, it’s too expensive, and you would have to gain Russian citizenship (instead of the one of Kazakhstan), which is again, nearly impossible. But again, he made it. Both my parents live in Moscow for several years now and enjoying it.


I, on the other hand, dreamed for years about moving to London and seeing Big Ben. When I lived in Russia, that dream seemed impossible to me. But I kept dreaming about it and several years later, I had a chance to visit and live for several years - in Central London, and I am fond of those years, of establishing my own independence (I was 19 then), working hard and partying nearly every weekend.


I have many examples that I could give you on the subject of following your dream and getting what you want.


Maybe you can think of at least one yourself. What is it that you wanted “for years” and then got it? I'm sure you can remember something like that. If you do, share it with me in the Facebook comments box below. I would love to read it!

And keep dreaming and getting what you want!!

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