Stress can affect your health
in many ways


that around 40 percent of people in the US and in the UK feel very or extremely stressed because of their job? 

Or that 75 % of illnesses might  be related in some way to stress? 

Have a look at the articles below and learn how stress can affect your health!

by Elia Strange

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STRESS and HEALTH Articles:

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Mental Burnout and Breakdown

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Why am I tired all the time?

15 sure signs of stress

Do you know that 50% of accidents – slips, trips, car crashes, electrical accidents, accidents at home, or at your place of work happen because somebody was stressed out. 

Stress can lead to accidents, illnesses, feeling bad about yourself, or about life in general. You can become stressed because of many things, it happens to everyone many times in our life. 

First things first - how do you know if you are experiencing actual stress? The stress that everyone seems to be talking about. The stress that causes health problems and relationship issues. The stress that can lead to a serious breakdown.

Well.. don't panic. I have a couple of interesting articles here, on this website, where you can read about the symptoms of stress. This should be your first point of call.

Then, you can read about the signs and stages of stress. You can see if you have any of the signs described there and what stage of stress you might be in. The main thing is - don't worry, even if you are in the last (serious) stage of stress. The important thing is that you already started doing something to reduce your levels of stress.

All you need to know is here. If it's not here, then let me know, and I'll research it and write it here for you (how cool is that?). Just go to 'About the author' page and use the 'contact form' there.

I like researching and I like writing, so I'm always open to my readers' suggestions :)

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