How bad is your memory?

Some were lucky to be born with a sharp memory, whereas others have to learn various memory tricks.

What about you?

Do you struggle to remember things, names and places?

Answer the questions below to see how good or bad your memory is!

by Elia Strange

For this test you will need a pen and paper to write down your answers.

Quiz Questions:

(Choose one answer for every question below and write them down!)

1. Is it difficult to remember what you ate for lunch yesterday?

a) I remember it very well

b) I can remember it vaguely, or after several minutes

c) I can hardly remember, or I can’t remember it at all

2. Did you go anywhere on holiday two years ago?

a) Definitely yes and where / No, I didn't go anywhere

b) I think we went somewhere, but I am not sure where or what year it was

c) I really can’t remember

3. When you go home after work (or some other usual place if you don’t work), do you pass a post office?

a) Definitely yes, where is it? / No, there isn't any

b) I am not sure, but I think there is one there somewhere.

c) What is a post office? / Don't know

4. Can you easily remember a new person’s name?

a) Yes

b) May be, sometimes

c) Usually no, or not at all

5. Would you still recognise a person that you had met whilst you were out shopping several weeks ago in a completely different place?

a) Probably yes, or definitely yes

b) May be yes, may be not

c) I am not sure, but it is highly unlikely that I will

6. Do you remember your grandparents’ Birthdays?

a) Yes, both of them and how old they are

b) At least one of them, or very approximately

c) I don’t think I can remember these dates

7. What colour of the front door of your previous house (or if you have lived in the same house all your life, then try to picture the door of your childhood friends home)?

a) I can picture it clearly

b) Not sure about it, I think it was red/blue/white..

c) no-o, definitely can’t remember this one

Now add up!

Give yourself 1 score for each "a" answer, 2 for "b", 3 for "c"

Quiz Results:

7-12 – Wow! You memory is sharp. Most people would envy your memory, and you clearly could give us some tips on how to remember things.

12-17 – This is the ‘normal’ range. I’m afraid you are not very special in this area, just like the rest of us.

Learn the tips and the tricks on improving your memory, from the articles ‘Why I forget things’ or relevant books. Try to improve your memory by learning new things, a new language or a poem from time to time.

Your memory doesn’t have to be "sleepy", you can improve it really well. And also, if you attempt to learn new language or do crosswords of regular basis, then you might avoid loss memory or even dementia in later life.

17-21 – Oh dear! How do you even remember your own address or your name? I am only joking.

Ok, your memory is pretty bad, but with a consistent training you can really improve it. Start by using memory techniques, such as were mentioned in the ‘Why I forget things’ article.

If we don’t develop our memory, it can get worse, especially as we get older. Don’t let it happen!

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