Is it time to take stress seriously? (Short Quiz)

(Taken from ‘Stress-Free Living’ by Wilson, E.)

You’re stressed. But how stressed? Here are some statements worth addressing. Do you agree or disagree with the following?

Take a pen and paper and write down ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following statements:

by Elia Strange

1) You fantasise a lot about your perfect life that doesn’t include your dull/annoying/ partner/job. (Score 1 for a yes).

2) You say ‘I can’t take it anymore’ at least once a week. (Score 2 for a yes).

3) You feel unappreciated. (Score 3 for a yes).

4) Tension is beginning to affect your health. (Score 3 for a yes).

5) You wake up dreading the day ahead. (Score 3 for a yes).

6) All you want to do in the evening is slump in front of the TV and/or sleep. (Score 1 for a yes).


A score of 4 or under

Mild level of dissatisfaction. This indicates that the present situation is stressful but potentially can be improved.

9 or under

Life is not good and you know you need to start looking after yourself and making changes soon.

10 or over

Burnout is unavoidable. Make beating stress your priority!

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Wilson, E. (2009). The Feel Good Factory on stress-free living, calm-spreading, mind-soothing, strain-slaying ideas for a happy life. Oxford, UK: Infinite Ideas Limited.

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