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Do you know why it is important to learn how to deal with stress and how to reduce it quickly? 

Because if you can manage stress, you will become more in control of your whole life - your happiness, your luck, and your well-being.

Have a look at the articles below and learn about how to reduce stress in your life!

by Elia Strange

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Reduce stress in Your Life

You probably know how dreadful your life feels when you are under a lot of stress, or under some stress but for a very long time (chronic stress). Your experience of stress might range from feelings of despair and frustration to feelings of depression and not wanting to live anymore. This is what stress can do to us.

Do you know how devious the 'stress monster' really is? First of all, stress gives you more energy and motivation. You want to live, to create, to work, to achieve, and to become successful in everything you do. You live your life to the fullest!

Then, you might feel that it's a bit too much and you need a break (the next stage). But often, you can't stop. The wheels are already in motion, you took so much upon yourself (e.g. extra work and responsibilities, agreeing to help everyone, new classes, new hobbies), because you felt you can do it (with all that extra energy).

People started expecting from you even more and you find it hard to refuse or disappoint them. So by the time you actually decide that 'you need to take it easy' and relax more, it's a bit too late. Too late in a sense that you can see all the signs of stress in yourself.

Ok, it's not too late really. It's just harder to 'slow down' and find time to relax.

And it's harder to get rid of your cravings and bad habits, which are often spiraled out of control by then.

And those headaches might seem to be constantly bothering you now. And you started getting all the viruses of 'cold' and flu from others much quicker than ever before. And so on...

So, what can you do to reduce your stress levels?

1) Make a plan: drop some things out of your life (mostly things that are stressing you out and many of your 'agreements' to help your relatives, colleagues, boss, etc.) and increase your time for relaxing (reading, walking in nature, meditating, snoozing);

2) Read articles on Best Ways to Manage Stress, or learn to reduce your stress instantly.

3) Take a few days off if you can and spend them somewhere nice (or at least doing nice and relaxing things)

4) Have a look at one of my articles - How to be resilient to stress - for some short practical suggestions

5) Try to stay positive, change your perception on some of your stressful situations, reduce their importance if you can (by asking yourself "How important is this really?").

6) Learn about mindfulness.

7) And have a look at the article related to work - Manage your Stress at Work.

8) Or learn what to do when you are stressed out.

the stressful situation will just pass and you will get back to 'normal'.

But often, we need to learn how to effectively cope with stress, because if you don't, stress can make you seriously ill and lead to 'burn out', when you cannot function anymore and literally - may loose touch with reality (i.e. living like in a 'fog' when you cannot think clearly at all). Then, it is much harder to get back to 'normal'.

In fact, I know of several people who had to leave their jobs and stop their careers because they couldn't function as well as they did before.

The "breakdown" is a big thing. These people had to stay at home for several months before they became well enough to re-consider their lives. It's not that they've decided to take it easy and change their jobs. No, they literally could not continue to function at the same level as before.

So don't let things get on the top of you before it's too late.

And I hope you'll find some interesting ideas and information for reducing and coping with your stress on this website.

If you want me to research some particular topic in relation to stress, let me know (go to 'About me' page and contact me from there). I'll gladly do that!

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