Are you always right? (Fun Test)

No one enjoys being in the wrong. It’s not a thing that’s easy to admit but, every once and awhile, we are forced to confess that we have made a mistake.

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by Elia Strange

No one enjoys being in the wrong. It’s not a thing that’s easy to admit but, every once and awhile, we are forced to confess that we have made a mistake.

In general, most of us just find these situations embarrassing but are able to concede defeat. However, there are some people who simply find it impossible to admit their errors.

They rigidly follow the ‘never apologise, never explain’ school of thought while everyone else around them boils with anger and frustration. Of course none of this applies to you – or does it? Take the test 'Are you always right?' and find out.

(Taken from ‘Me, Myself, & I’ by Allan, R.)

'Are you always right?' Test Start:

1. You try to overtake another driver but somehow manage to scrape an oncoming vehicle. Both the other drivers insist that the accident was your fault. What do you do:

A. You really hate to admit it but there are two of them and only one of you, so you have no alternative but to agree it was your fault.

B. You say nothing. Later, when your lawyers get to work, there might be a chance to prove that you were not responsible.

C. You try to bluff your way out of your difficulties simply by shouting louder than the others. You are so convinced of your own rectitude that eventually they start to have doubts.

2. A member of your family gets a job in a vivisection lab. You are passionately against animal testing. Do you:

A. Feel disgusted, but remain quiet about it. They know your views and have ignored them.

B. Leave pamphlets that confirm your opinions around the house.

C. Have a major argument with the offending family member and try to force them quit the job.

3. You sue someone and the case goes against you. Do you:

A. Accept the verdict and pay up.

B. Appeal, but when you lose you decide it’s time to call it a day and grudgingly pay the damages.

C. Keep on appealing. It’s costing you a fortune but you just know that right is on your side.

4. You’re at a family party. In the course of conversation someone disagrees with what you’ve been saying. You’re told you’ve got your facts wrong. Do you:

A. Ignore it. This guy is only a second cousin who no one has seen in twenty years. Who cares?

B. Avoid an actual argument but make your feelings clear by making a couple of derogatory remarks about the other person.

C. What is family when your reputation is on the line? You let the little creep know just where he stands.

5. You are driving and your partner is reading the map. You’re told to take the next turn on the right but fail to do so. Do you:

A. Apologise for your mistake and turn back.

B. Turn back but continue to insist that your way would have been quicker in the end.

C. Continue driving and insist that you are actually taking a short cut.

6. Missionaries for a sect that you disprove of call at your front door. Do you:

A. Say, ‘No, thanks’ and close the door.

B. Tell them that you disapprove of their beliefs and don’t want them to bother you again.

C. Invite them in and spend two hours arguing that you know more about subject than they do and that they’ve got it all wrong.

7. You get pulled over for a minor traffic offense. If you just apologise you’ll probably get off with a caution.Do you:

A. Grovel in the hope of being let off.

B. Sound like you’re sorry without actually admitting to any fault on your part.

C. Tell the guy where he gets off. Are you going to let some gorilla in a uniform tell you you’re in the wrong? Hell no!

8. You’re dating someone new and getting on really well when you have a disagreement over politics. Do you:

A. Skip over this minor blip in an otherwise wonderful evening.

B. Seek to find a happy compromise that doesn’t involve you backing down too much.

C. Launch into a full-blown lecture about how completely wrong they are. No relationship is worth you having to back down.

9. You find out that statistics you have often used to prove your point are in fact wrong. Do you:

A. Change your point of view and admit to those that you argued with in the past that you were mistaken.

B. Change your point of view but try to make it look like nothing has really changed. This is not a correction of your views merely a clarification.

C. Hush the whole thing up. With luck no one else will come across this information.

10. You’re doing really well at the office and are in line for a promotion. One day your boss casually mentions that you have made a small error and asks you to correct it. Do you:

A. Apologise and swiftly put the matter right.

B. As above but tell yourself that you are only keeping quiet for the sake of your forthcoming promotion.

C. Are you going to let this guy push you around? What would John Wayne have done? Damn straight!

'Are you always right?' Test Answers:

Score 4 points for an A, 3 for a B, 2 for a C

35-40 You have so little spine that you could be mistaken for an invertebrate. You’d admit you were wrong even before anyone accused you. It is fine to be fair minded and reasonable but you take it to extremes. The truth is that you rather enjoy being a victim because it keeps you from taking responsibility for your own life. For goodness sake get off your knees and stand up for yourself! If you walk around with a ‘Kick Me’ sign on your back what do you expect people to do?

25-29 You are too doctrinaire for your own good. You don’t have much time for any opinion other than your own, do you? It would be bad enough if you were always right but the sad truth is that you are really just as fallible as everyone else but are unwilling to admit it. This makes you deeply unpopular with the people who have to deal with you. Why not cut them some slack? It can’t hurt to occasionally admit being wrong, can it? The irony is that if you loosened up people would actually be more likely to take notice of you.

Under 25 You really have no reverse gear do you? Even the Pope is not as infallible as you are. Stubborn, pig-headed, opinionated, and downright single-minded only begins to describe your attitude. All your relationships, whether with friends, family, or co-workers, are based on you telling other people what to do. You simply don’t see how much harm you are doing. You can’t understand that people resent your attitude so much that they are tempted to do the opposite of what you say even when they know you’re in the right. How tragic is that? Unfortunately you are so convinced of your own rectitude that good advice is completely wasted on you. The loss is yours.

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