What is your personality type?

We are all different in our personalities. But how different? Take this test and learn more about yourself.

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by Elia Strange

For this test you will need a piece of paper and a pen. Or you can also print this page out and put your answers next to the questions.

Simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for every question and write down all your answers.

'Personality Test' Questions:

1. Do you find it difficult to stop work for a tea or coffee break?

2. Do you find it difficult to let your voice-mail or answer phone take your calls even if you are busy doing other work?

3. Do you try to perform several tasks at once?

4. Are you constantly wishing that people would hurry up and finish what they are telling you and maybe even finishing their sentences for them?

5. Do you always want to ‘get things finished’?

6. Do you perform tasks at top speed?

7. Do you feel a need to speak at all meetings you attend?

8. Do you have difficulty relaxing?

9. Do you get annoyed with colleagues who have a more relaxed approach to work?

10. Do you find it difficult to laugh at your own mistakes?

11. Do you find it difficult to delegate and not interfere?

12. Is it difficult to accept that you will not always be able to do things your way?

Now add the numbers of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers.

A total of six or more ‘Yes’ answers indicate that you tend towards type ‘A’ behaviour.

The more ‘Yes’ answers you have given, the more type ‘A’ personality traits you exhibit.

Personalities Type A and Type B:

- If you are Personality Type A, then you probably are a person who: talks, eats and walks quickly, cannot relax easily, gets easily bored, and probably finishes sentences for others when they talk slowly. Also, personality type A people can have aggressive speech, they can be selfish and materialistic, they rush, and success for them is very important, and they often hate other types A!

- If you are Personality Type B, then you might be interested in success too, but you are much more relaxed about it than 'type A' people, and when you play games, you are playing them more for fun and not just for winning. Type B personality individuals are easy-going people who are relaxed when they speak, walk and eat.

- Remember that you might be a personality type A at work, but more of a Personality Type B at home, or vice versa. But, even if that's the case, one type of personality would be predominant in you (i.e. most of the time you would either have a type A or type B personality).

- Type A and type B personality people cope with stress differently.

- 'Type A' individuals get stressed out more often that 'Type B’s'.

And this means that if you have a type A personality, then you can catch cold or flue more often (than if you were a 'type B'), and you might have a higher risk of developing a serious health problem, especially when stress is persistent in your life (i.e. you are under a chronic stress).

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