Sexual dreams and your sleeping position

- Have you ever wondered why you have sexual dreams time to time?

- In which sleeping position do you usually sleep?

by Elia Strange


The latest research
at Hong Kong Shue Yan University found that our sleeping position might make us dream of certain things.

The researchers surveyed 670 people, and found some interesting things on this topic. For example:

When you sleep face-down, these are the themes that would be prevalent in your dreams:

- being locked up;

- dreaming about hand tools;

- sexual experiences;

- being smothered and unable to breath;

- swimming; and

- being nude.

If you usually sleep on your right side, then your dreams are positive and emotional in their content, and you rarely suffer from nightmares.

If you tend to sleep on your left side, then you might have frequent nightmares, and bizarre, weird dreams.

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