Stress at work and heart attack

You are probably not surprised to know
that stress at work is linked to heart problems and - even greater chance to get a heart attack.

How do you know if you are at "high-risk group" for a heart attack from your job?

by Elia Strange

The researchers (at University College of London) suggested that if you have:

- a demanding job, and

- a little control over your role at work,

then it is highly dangerous for you to continue working there. In fact, your chances of getting a heart attack increase by nearly 25%.

The types of stressful jobs - where the demand is high and the worker's control is low, - may be for example, if you are working at a factory, building site, emergency services, as a secretary in a big organisation, in a low-skilled profession such as shopping assistant, and so on.

To be honest, most of the jobs I know would go under this category. The jobs which can be considered as "less stressful" (though not neccessary!), would include for example, freelance work, and some types of creative jobs. Hmmm...

And this is why most hobbies cannot become your source of income. If for example, you like to exercise and would like to make this hobby your main job, then you would probably have to become a personal trainer, work in a gym 9 to 5, and lead fitness groups and one-to-one coaching.

The demand of the job becomes pretty high, but your control - over the schedule and the business of work - becomes low. Whereas if it's just your hobby and nothing else, then the demand is not that high and your control over the situation is low (as you can chose when to exercise and how often).

This is the difference between doing something as a hobby and making this hobby your full-time job, and this is why most people cannot make a full-time living out of their hobbies.

- And if you are smoker, then you need to know this: The researchers (from the University College of London) also found that if you are working in such occupation (where the demand is high but your control is low) and also you are a smoker, then your risk of getting a heart attack increase by about 30%.

So what can you do?

- Learn to reduce your stress, particulary stress at work

- Think about your current job - how stressful it is, how much control over your role at work do you have? Is it enough or is it stressful?

- Think about your current health - do you get seasonal colds often? Do you have many aches and pains? Many of them might be caused by stress (read about it in the article stress and illness)

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