Do I have Social Anxiety?

by Elia Strange

What is ‘social anxiety’?

Psychologists call it ‘social phobia’ or ‘social anxiety disorder’. It is when the affected person has a fear of one or more specific situations which take place in front of other people or somewhere in public.

When a person has this fear, he or she tends to avoid the situations where they would experience this fear. Before going any further into this topic, take this quiz to see if you have social anxiety disorder.

For this test you will need a pen and paper to write down your answers.

Choose your answer for each question below

(and write it down!):

a) Most of the time,
b) quite often,
c) average,
d) sometimes/rarely,
e) hardly ever/never

'Do I have Social Anxiety' Test Questions:

1. Do you fell uncomfortable when you are amongst other people?

2. Do you feel panicky if you need to explain something to several people at once?

3. Are you comfortable when someone is giving you a compliment?

4. Do you prefer to wait until you get home if you need to use a bathroom than to use a public toilet?

5. Do you prefer to work on your own than in a group?

6. Do you like to tell others jokes and interesting stories?

7. If your friends/colleagues invite you to go to a cafe for lunch, do you go with them?

8. If you need to take a book from a library, would you stay there for at least 20 min whilst choosing the needed book?

9. Do you like to explain others how things work?

10. Do you worry that people notice how you look/dressed?

11. Did you ever experience panic attack in public?

12. On your typical day off, do you go to places where there are people, for example, a cinema, museum, a large shopping centre, on your own?

13. Would you prefer to spend your holiday somewhere quiet and even isolated?

14. Would you feel anxious if you need to meet with a person you’ve never met?

15. Do you feel comfortable asking others for directions?

'Do I have Social Anxiety' Test Scoring:

For the statements: 1,2, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14


5 for ‘Most of the time’,
4 – for ‘Quite often’,
3 – for ‘Average’,
2 – for ‘Sometimes/rarely’,
1 – for ‘Hardly ever/never’

For the statements: 3, 6, 7, 8 9, 11, 12, 15


1 for ‘Most of the time’,
2 – for ‘Quite often’,
3 – for ‘Average’,
4 – for ‘Sometimes/rarely’,
5 – for ‘Hardly ever/never’


15 – 35 Low score. This score means that you do not have ‘social anxiety disorder’. Most of us feel a bit uncomfortable amongst other people, especially when we don’t know them, but it doesn't mean we have social anxiety disorder.

Even those people who seem overly confident, may suffer from social phobia time to time. For example, I know of some University lecturers who seem to be comfortable talking in front of the students every day, but who are terrified to speak at conferences in front of their peers. Some lecturers, who teach in smaller groups, would feel very uncomfortable if the size of the group (or even the location) changes.

So if you feel uncomfortable in front of others or worry what people might think of you, remember that it is a normal reaction of most human species and not as serious as you might have think.

36 – 55 Medium score. Some of the questions that you marked as ‘most of the time’ and ‘quite often’ can actually be the symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

If you are often embarrassed in front of others and feel that others judge you most of the time, then you probably the type who prefers to spend most days on your own. But there is a possibility that you have a social anxiety disorder as well.

The diagnosis of social phobia (or social anxiety disorder) is more common than some people think. Even some famous performers such as Barbra Streisand (American actress and singer), Dontrelle Willis (professional basketball player), Ricky Williams (professional footballer), and many others have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.

If you feel that it is important for you to be diagnosed and receive a treatment (e.g. counselling, psychotherapy and medication), then it is the time to go and see your doctor for a chat and advise.

56 – 75 High score. The score indicates that you have social anxiety disorder. If you have not been diagnosed yet, then may be it is the time to benefit from the treatment.

Cognitive behavioural techniques and even antidepressants may be beneficial if the disorder is extremely difficult to deal with. The questions that you answered as ‘Quite often’ and ‘Most of the time’, which in your case are the majority of all questions in this quiz, can indicate the symptoms of this disorder.

As it was mentioning earlier (in the ‘Medium score’ above), many professional people and celebrities are also suffer from this disorder though it might be difficult to believe.

It is one of the disorders that is more common than many people might think, and fortunately, is manageable and treatable, particularly with several psychotherapy sessions.

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